Our first new Virtual Game for 2021

Welcome to Jambar’s Virtual Treasure Hunt: Redbeard’s Treaure

We promised you a brand new exciting virtual game last year and here we are, happy to announce the launch of our brand-new Virtual Treasure Hunt: Redbeard’s Treasure. 

“This game was so much fun! I loved the storyline and the different challenges I played with my team, we laughed so much!”

With plenty of positive feedback from the first pirate teams that set sail with us on this adventurous mission, we know we have developed something special.

Played in teams of 5-6 pax, the different teams will compete against each other to be the first to discover the treasure! But there’s a twist, they will need to carefully plan their route correctly to avoid getting lost and waste precious time.

Along the way they will face several challenges that will test their ability to effectively collaborate together, think creatively and leverage on each other strengths to accomplish the various missions.

Virtual Team Building

Never forget the importance of connecting with your team, checking how they are and engage them in non-related work activities such Virtual Team Building. In the new norm, where we don’t have the chance to go for lunch together or have a coffee and chat, virtual team building becomes even more important to boost team morale and performance.

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Jambar Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt: Redbeard’s Treasure

Set sail, plan your route and solve the many challenges that arise as you get closer to the lost booty.
Teams will assemble their crew and race against the other pirates in the most adventurous buccaneers’ expedition they have ever embarked in.

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Jambar Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race

Travel to unique cities, experience the culture of many countries, and say yes to a great virtual adventure with Jambar’s Virtual Amazing Race. Race with other players and be the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop by completing station challenges and solving tricky and mind-boggling codes and puzzles.

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Jambar best activities

Experience the B.E.S.T

Jambar Team Building offers a unique blend of multiple mini-activities we call B.E.S.T. Certainly suitable for diverse groups of people, these activities tickle the mind and engages the body, providing a holistic experience. Our B.E.S.T. activities are proven to immediately flip the atmosphere from boring to great!

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Build stronger and more meaningful connections online with your team today.

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